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S925 Silver Dolphin-shaped Necklaces

S925 Silver Dolphin-shaped Necklaces

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💥『S925 Silver Material』Made of S925 silver, safe and hypoallergenic, anti-oxidation, not easy to fade, and harmless to the body.

💥『Cute Style』The dolphin-shaped design is novel and cute, adding a sense of playfulness to you.

💥『Unique Design』Unique and simple design, the overall design is round and smooth, with clear lines, stylish and elegant.

💥『 Exquisite Workmanship』Using polishing technology, multi-channel precision polishing, looks very chic. Excellent workmanship and style, adding free details and movement. The tag at the link of the necklace can be engraved.

💥『Suitable for』Suitable for daily casual style, also suitable for occasions such as dating. The necklace is approximately 40cm/15.74" long and can be extended by 5cm/1.96".

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Product Description

The dolphin-shaped necklace, which is both fashionable and childlike, is a very cute accessory that is generally loved by young people.

1. S925 silver material to hypoallergenic.
2. The dolphin-shaped design is novel and cute, adding a sense of playfulness to you.
3. Unique and simple design, the overall design is round and smooth, with clear-cutting lines, stylish and elegant.
4. Durable material, not easy to corrode.
5. Using polishing technology, multi-channel precision polishing, looking chic.

Care Instructions:

A. Regular cleaning: Use mild soapy water or jewelry cleaner to gently wipe the necklace to remove dirt and grease. Then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

B. Avoid contact with chemicals: Avoid contacting the necklace with chemicals, such as perfume, cosmetics, detergents, etc., as these chemicals may damage the surface or decoration of the necklace.

C. Storage method: When the necklace is not worn, it should be placed in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It is best to store the necklace separately to prevent it from rubbing against other jewelry and causing scratches.

D. Avoid pulling: Be careful when putting on and taking off the necklace, and avoid excessive pulling on the necklace to avoid deformation or breakage of the chain.

E. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the chain, clasp and pendant of the necklace are loose or damaged, and repair them in time to avoid further damage.

F. Maintenance of special materials: If your necklace is made of special materials, such as sterling silver, gold, platinum, etc., you can take corresponding maintenance methods according to its material characteristics. For example, sterling silver jewelry is easy to oxidize and turn black, so it can be wiped with a special silver jewelry cleaning cloth, while gold and platinum can be cleaned with mild soapy water.


- Material: S925 silver
- Color: Silver
- Style: Dolphin-shaped
- Packaging: Sealed bag or Gift box