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iPetdecor, it means I decorate for pets. And why we choose to make such a brand of products?
In the early 20th century is developing China, for most of the rural children in this period, the company of parents may be a luxury. Because at that time the parents often want the children to have a better living environment and quality of life in the future, they choose to go out to work with reluctance and more hope, so most of the rural children can only stay in the countryside. At this stage of children, the companionship of dogs often becomes the spiritual comfort for these children. It may not be a substitute for parental companionship, but it can divert children's attention to a certain extent, and I am one of them.

More than 20 years ago, I owned a cute and well-behaved Chinese pastoral dog. I named it Fugui, and the company of Fugui made me spend my childhood and school days happily. Because of the company of Fugui, it not only drives away the loneliness of staying at home for me, but also drives me to pursue my own world with love for life and expectations for the future, and Fugui has become impossible in my life family members.

More than 20 years have passed, Fugui also left me forever because of illness, but those good memories between me and Fugui have always remained in my heart. The children who had the dog with them have grown up, and now they have a different definitions for the dog. Therefore, we created the brand -- iPetdecor not only to commemorate the happiness brought to me by Fugui, but also to consider that with the continuous improvement of living standards, pets should also be valued as accompanying members of the family. The reasonable matching of pet accessories can increase the interaction between us and pets, and also make our pets look more lovely.

iPerdecor, the idea is to bring a better experience for pets, and increase the interaction between pets and us, our products are based on the needs of the pets themselves to provide better service.