The Important Tips for Keeping Dogs in Autumn

Autumn is the season for many animals to stockpile food. They will store food at this time, increase food intake, and allow themselves to store more fat to withstand the cold winter. Therefore, dogs are also driven by primitive instincts to increase their appetite to gain weight to resist the cold winter. At this time, we can add some dog food appropriately, but to avoid the dog being too obese, it is recommended that the daily food intake should not exceed 10% of the usual amount. In addition, we also need the following 5 points:

  • Comb the dog hair every day 

From August to November every year is the time for dogs to change their hair in autumn. In order to avoid dog hair everywhere, we should insist on combing and cleaning every day! Persisting in grooming for dogs can not only help remove the dust and dirt on the dog's hair but also promote blood circulation in the dog's body, which is very beneficial to the growth of skin and new hair.

  •  Pay attention to keepingthe dog warm 

Although the daytime temperature in autumn is still relatively high, it will be obviously cooler at night because of the large temperature difference between day and night. It is easy to cause dogs to catch a cold, so we need to pay attention to keeping dogs warm! Especially for elderly dogs and puppies, it is recommended to prepare a warm thin quilt and try to avoid sleeping on ice pads or floor tiles.

  •  Appropriately increase the amount of exercise 

In autumn, the temperature of the ground will slow down, so we don't have to worry about your dog's feet being scalded by the ground. At this time, we can increase the time for walking the dog, so that the dog can get enough exercise, consume the dog's energy, and avoid the dog from biting the furniture at home.

  •  Schedule sterilization surgery 

If we don't consider the dog's birth, we can use this time of autumn to sterilize the dog! There is no harsh summer heat and no interference from mosquitoes, so the dog recovers faster after the operation, which also greatly reduces the pressure of our care. In addition, choosing to sterilize the dog in autumn can avoid the situation that the dog will be in heat next spring

  •  Do a good job of deworming for dogs ⫸
As the temperature drops, the frequency of dog bathing will gradually decrease in autumn, so the parasites on the dog's body surface may tend to increase. We should deworm dogs regularly, try to keep dogs dewormed outside the body once a month and deworm inside the dog at least once every three months.


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