If Heatstroke in Dogs, What We Should Do?

In the hot summer, people and dogs maybe have heatstroke, so what are the symptoms of heatstroke for dogs?

The reasons might be as follows:

1) The normal body temperature of dogs will be a little higher than humans, generally at about 38-39 degrees. Once the dogs suffer from heat stroke, their body temperature may rise above 41 degrees. The way we measure the temperature of the dog is different from the human, the dog's temperature is generally measured by clamping the thermometer at the root of its thighs.

2) When symptoms of shortness of breath and lack of energy appear, the dog will stick out its tongue and pant to dissipate heat. In addition, if the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs are more serious, they will appear depressed, lethargic for a long time, and even have severe reactions such as vomiting and projectile diarrhea.

If heatstroke in dogs, what we should do?

1) As soon as possible to help them cool down, move the dog quickly to the shade, so that it can slowly calm down to try to regulate their own body temperature through their own cooling system. At the same time, we can find a clean towel, soak the towel in water and put it in the dog's armpits, paws and other parts, and wipe the outer roots of its ears with water to assist in physical cooling.

2) If the dog is still conscious, we can feed it some warm water to help it dissipate heat from the body. If it refuses to drink water, we can also moisten its tongue with water, but be careful not to use ice cubes and ice water.

3) Contact the veterinarian to explain the situation, and make sure to observe our dog's condition on the way to the hospital, especially make sure to pay attention to its reaction, breathing, heartbeat, etc.

In order to have a good Summer time for dogs, we can do 4 key steps to prevent the occurrence of heatstroke in dogs.

1) Change the time to walk the dog, avoid the noon time, and choose a cool morning or evening to walk the dog, so as to achieve a pleasant time for humans and dogs, but also to a large extent to reduce the probability of dog heatstroke. If the temperature is too high that day, the surface temperature has not yet dropped, we can choose to go out at night.

2) Do not shut the dog in the car, parked on the side of the road in the summer like a "furnace". After the sunlight temperature can even reach 70 degrees, and almost completely impermeable, the dog waiting inside is easy to heatstroke, and even life-threatening.

3) Pay attention to the ambient temperature, if no open air conditioning, please move the dog to a ventilated and open place, avoid sunlight, and turn on the fan, we can also give the dog an ice pad or bring an ice collar and other cooling ways.

4) To ensure that the dog has adequate drinking water. Dogs can swim and bathe in the hot summer, which can help them prevent heatstroke, but please note that we must remember to help our dog blow dry their hair, and bathing can not be too frequent, otherwise they are prone to skin diseases.

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