How should new pet "parents" correct their puppies' bad behavior habits?

It usually takes 2-6 months for dogs to develop behavior habits, so owners must seize this time to cultivate good behavior habits of pets from an early age.


What are the common bad habits of pets? How to correct it? Please see below!

A: Food protection
When a dog is eating, it will bark its teeth, growl and even show aggressive behavior when people approach it.
Correction method:
1.When the dog is eating, stroke the dog's body, and gradually transition to the head.
2.Pull the puppy away from the rice bowl, and put your hand into the rice bowl to add food to the dog.
3.If the pet shows its teeth, remove the food, if it is quiet, reward it immediately.
B: Demolition
Dogs gnaw on furniture and walls because of itchy teeth, excess energy, boredom and other reasons during the teething period, and demolish the house frantically.
Correction method:
Medium and large dogs must be kept in cages in the early stage.
1.Increase the walking time and consume the energy of the dog.
2.Teething toys for dogs.
3.Stop demolishing the house in time, and let him know that the owner does not approve of this behavior with the password of "NO".

C: Burst
The dog will suddenly rush to a place of interest, and it will not be able to hold back.
Correction method:
1.It is recommended to use a P rope, especially for medium and large dogs.
2.Shorten the length of the traction rope, control the range of activities.
3.When the dog rushes, pull it back immediately in the opposite direction and give the password NO!, and reward the dog with snacks in time when the dog does not rush.
D: Rush
When a dog sees a person, it jumps and hugs excitedly, and even bounces up to its relatives. It is easy to accidentally injure people, which is more dangerous.
Correction method:
1.If you are going to jump on others, pull the rope back suddenly, it is best to use the P rope.
2.If you are jumping at yourself, push it away with your knees, and reward the dog with snacks in time when the dog stops and sits.
E: Defecation anywhere
Dogs defecate anywhere at home, the smell is unpleasant and difficult to get rid of it.
Correction method:
1.Walk the dog in time after feeding, so that the dog can excrete in time.
2.Clean up the urine and feces at home in time and get rid of the smell.
3.Prepare the urine pad and dog toilet, guide the dog to urinate and defecate at a fixed point and give rewards in time.

F: Can't call back
Calling the dog's name at home or outdoors, the dog does not respond, there are two main reasons, one is not wanting to talk to you, and the other is not knowing the "password".
Correction method:
1.From childhood, I called the dog's name every time I fed the dog.
2.You can keep a distance from the dog outdoors, call the dog's name, and give snacks when it comes over, gradually expand the distance, and train repeatedly.

G: Resist partial cleaning/bathing
Dogs did not adapt to clean behavior when they were young. When they grow up, they will run away frantically every time they want to brush their teeth/wash their ears/bath. At this time, the owner needs patient guidance to reduce the dog’s resistance.
Correction method:
1.Choose a product that is highly acceptable to dogs.
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