How Do Dogs Survive Summer?

In China, June 21 is the "summer solstice" among the twenty-four in China. In China, the arrival of the summer solstice means the arrival of midsummer, the weather is hot and it is also the day with the longest daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. The arrival of summer, for dogs, is a time when they can play freely, but it is also a time when they are prone to illness. So, what aspects should we pay attention to let our dogs have a happy summer?

✨ Replenish Water in Time
We all know that water is a necessity for our human body, so it is the same for dogs. Adult dogs contain 60% water, and puppies have a higher proportion of water. Because the distribution of sweat glands in dogs and humans is different. Humans have sweat glands all over their bodies, but dogs’ sweat glands are concentrated on their feet. They will use exhalation and panting to cool down. Therefore, we need to prepare enough clean water for dogs and change the water every day to prevent heat stroke.

💟 Change Dog Walk Times
In summer, the air temperature at noon is high and the surface heats up quickly. Going out at this time will cause great damage to the dog's paws, so we'd better take them out in the early morning or evening, and try to let them play in the shade. When going out, we also need to prepare a dog water bottle to ensure that the dog can replenish water in time after a lot of exercise.

✅ Pay Attention to Diseases Caused by Temperature Differences
In the hot summer, choosing to blow the air conditioner is often one of our preferred ways to enjoy the coolness, so if the temperature difference is too large, it is often easy to cause illness. If we stay in a high-temperature place with our dog for a long time, we need to wait for our body temperature of us and the dog to drop before entering a suitable air-conditioned environment, which can reduce the chance of getting sick. In addition, we'd better let the dog stay in the natural wind environment, and don't let the dog directly in the air-conditioned environment after taking a bath.

💕 Timely Tidy Dog Hair
The dog's hair has a protective effect on them, but too long hair will affect their heat dissipation function. Therefore, we need to tidy up the dog's hair in time so that the dog has a dry summer dress. We need to clean the dog's sole hair and abdominal hair in time to help dissipate heat; trim the ear hair of long-eared dogs to avoid the breeding of mites; if necessary, bathe the dog to prevent skin diseases. Please note that the dog should not be exposed to the sun after bathing, but should be dried first. When shearing their hair, don't cut them too short, appropriate hair can block ultraviolet rays. It is worth noting that we should not be too arbitrary in the grooming of dogs. We should match the dog breeds to trim the dog's hair so that they have their own image.

💢 Prevent Getting Sick
In summer, humid weather and exposure to water will also increase the chances of dogs getting skin diseases. We should bathe them properly, and keep their hair clean and tidy. Please pay attention to the dog after bathing, the dog blows dry. Because the dog's sweat glands are distributed on the soles of the feet, if the foot hair is not shaved in time, the soles of the feet are prone to breed germs, which may cause inflammation on the soles of the dogs' feet. Dogs’ ear canals are L-shaped if dogs come into contact with a lot of water in summer and are prone to breed ear mites. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dog’s ear canals in time. In addition, summer is the growth period of various insects, and we need to deworm dogs in time. When they go out to play, we remember to check the inside of their fur, especially under the ears, before we come home.

💫 Pay attention to Dog’s Emotions
In hot summer, adult dogs will also be in estrus. During this period, they may be irritable, so we need to appease their emotions and give them care.

Dogs are our friends, but also our family, let us spend this wonderful summer together!

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