Dog's Bad Habits and Guidance

In the past, the dogs were our faithful friends, and now they may have become members of our family, so they have some bad habits, and we need to guide and correct them as necessary.


 A.Food Protection for Dogs

If it is not properly fed from an early age, it may cause the dog to develop a bad habit of protecting food. When it is eaten, anyone who touches it may be directly bitten.

Corrective method: When feeding dog food, we can use a long object to touch the dog who is eating, keep touching the dog's body, and repeat the training until the dog adapts to the feeling of being touched while eating.

B. Rush action of Dogs

When many owners are walking their dogs, the dogs will habitually rush and can't pull them. At this time, it will evolve into the dog walking you instead of you walking the dog. 

Corrective method: Shorten the length of the leash and control the range of activities. When the dog rushes violently, pull the leash in the opposite direction and say "No" loudly to stop it. If the dog no longer rushes violently, reward it with snacks.

 C. To Bark

The puppies need the protection and care of their owners, so they are very attached. When it is alone, it will naturally feel nervous, and then relieve the tension in its heart by barking. If the owner does not stop it in time, the dog will bark frequently to prove its presence.

 Corrective method: Interrupt the dog when it is barking, then put on a  leash, once the dog barks, shake the leash gently to distract it, wait until the dog is quiet, and reward it with a treat immediately. Please note: The strength of the leash vibration should not be too large, which will not only cause pain, but also distract the dog's attention and affect the correction process.


D. Demolition Things at home

During the teething period of puppies, the teeth are painful and itchy, and the dog will bite hard things, such as slippers and furniture, and so on.

 Corrective method: Prepare teeth-grinding toys for the dog, and stop the dog's biting behavior in time, pat it with gravity on the back of your hand, and add the "NO" instruction to let it know that it cannot be bitten.


E. Open Defecation at home

The puppies are relatively unfamiliar with the surrounding environment and people when they get home, and they like to leave their own smells around the house.

 Corrective method: Clean up the excrement and odor in time, because the dog will choose a fixed excretion place according to the smell, and then prepare a dog toilet suitable for the size of the dog, and guide the dog to learn and get used to fixed-point defecation in the form of reward snacks.


 F. Begging for food

When you are eating, the dog desperately wants to get your food, and even lies on the edge of the dining table, which not only affects the dining environment, but the dog will also disrespects you more and more over time.

Corrective method: Add some pungent smells to the food you eat, and then give the dog a smell to make it conscious of rejecting human food, or keep it away from the dining environment during meal time.

G. Passionate
Many dogs are more enthusiastic. If it likes someone, wants to say hello to someone, or sees the owner coming back, it will rush to jump on the person, which can easily cause others to be injured.

Corrective method: Before the dog makes this action, make a gesture of rejection, let the dog calm down, and then play with it.


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