Behavioral Qualities Expected Of Dog Breeders

As a novice dog owner, before raising a dog, we should all understand some of the basics of pet care, but also need to know some of the necessary basic knowledge so that we can better get along with our lovely dogs, so what are some of the behaviors that we need to avoid when taking care of our dogs?

🐶Walking dog in a hurry

Since dogs are more active animals, they need to be walked happily to release the stress and energy. And dogs need to maintain a certain amount of exercise, it can avoid the dog is too obese, conducive to the dog's bones, muscle exercise. Then we need to choose the walking time according to the different sizes and physical conditions of the dog. Walking the dog in a hurry may affect the dog's mood.

🐶Over-pampering your dog

Dogs can be family members, but they should not be spoiled as if they were human children. Once the dog thinks that the owner of such spoiled behavior instructions, they slowly do not treat us as the master, will be more and more difficult to raise, they may have like to urinate and defecate everywhere, grab things, like barking and other behaviors. Therefore, we should cultivate the habit of obeying the owner's commands from a young age.

🐶No food control

Because dogs are very greedy, they often do not know they have eaten enough, especially for the delicious, it likes to eat food. If you do not control the amount of food for dogs, they can easily suffer from indigestion because they eat too much, resulting in vomiting, dog diarrhea, dog diarrhea, etc. But for the nursing mother dog is not supposed to control the amount of meals. Because in the breastfeeding period of the dog mother need to eat especially much, so as to ensure that the milk is sufficient.
Then we need to feed the dog scientifically according to the physical condition of the puppy. Dog feeding is to be done in different ways at different times, especially puppy feeding needs special attention because puppies grow fast in the puppy stage. In addition, taking into account the digestive capacity of puppies, 3 to 4 times a day should be carried out to feed. After the birth of 3 weeks, the puppy should be fed mainly with dog breast milk, and then should be fed cow's milk and add egg yolk and liver and other high protein food, about two months after the puppy should be supplemented with calcium, because at this time the puppy's bone complex growth rate is relatively block, you can add fish bone meal or calcium powder to the main diet. Then, when choosing dog food, you need to pay attention to the brand, ingredient list and nutritional content of dog food to avoid being added unhealthy product ingredients.

🐶Always scare the dog

Because the dog's sense of hearing is very sensitive, suddenly make a big sound to it and shout, they are easily frightened, and even find a place to hide. If the owner always go to scare the dog like this, more times, it will slowly alienate you. In addition, because dogs are more dependent on their owners, when you play hide and seek with your dog, they will be especially scared and panicked if they can't find their owner. We should also treat our dogs gently and avoid behaviors such as ear tugging, tail tugging and eye poking.

🐶Excessive exercise behavior

The vast majority of dogs have a fear of heights and are especially afraid of standing on high places. When they stand on high places, they will start shaking and afraid to walk. Therefore, it is not recommended that owners take their dogs to play on glass bridges! In addition, we have to choose the amount of exercise in conjunction with the physical condition of the dog, like many short-nosed dogs strenuous exercise will lead to breathing difficulties.

🐶Lack of understanding scolding

Dogs have feelings for their masters, if it is a lack of understanding scolding, may lead to the dog no longer trust the master, the dog's heart becomes sensitive, serious and even affect the health, rebellious psychology, want to leave home, or even retaliatory behavior against the master. Therefore, education dogs to reward and punish, hands scolding is never sensible approach, the owner can usually give the dog more training, training with a little snack as an aid, can enhance the dog's enthusiasm, so that the dog more with us.

🐶Giving up the dog

When we choose to keep a cute dog, we need to think about whether our own conditions can raise a dog for life. However, if for some reason you can no longer continue to have a dog, then please arrange where the dog will go and please do not abandon them. Because dogs that are abandoned may face many difficulties and dangers, such as lack of food and water, irritation by cold air, attack by humans or other animals, infection by diseases, infection by parasites, etc. If the dog is relatively young, it is usually difficult to survive. In addition, an abandoned dog may feel lonely and lost, and may appear sensitive, cranky and other emotions. Therefore, when we raise a puppy, we have to accept and assume everything about them.
Regardless of the reasons and choices we make to raise a puppy, we should live in harmony with them and take care of them in a humanitarian spirit, but often the puppy will reciprocate our efforts. May all dog breeders have a mutually fulfilling emotional attachment!
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