6 Ways to Improve Our Dog's Picky Eating

In the daily feeding process, do you encounter dogs picky eaters? We all know that picky eating is not good for the health of the dog, and it will also increase our worries. However, when the dog does not want to eat, they will look at us pitifully and we tend to be soft-hearted. So, what we should do about our dog's picky eating!

Reasons why dogs are picky eaters?

♦️Frequent Eating Snacks

Dog snacks, especially ham, canned meat and other such snacks, unlike the single dog food, so the dog is more love. If we often feed the dog snacks, will let it form the idea of not eating dog food, there will be other food to eat, so we need to strictly control snacks.

♦️Irregular Eating

For a long time, irregular feeding habits will make the dog's gastrointestinal digestion function worse and appetite will decrease, so we should develop regular feeding habits.

♦️Eating only one Kind of Dog Food for a Long Time

If you feed a single dog food for a long time, the dog will feel bored and prone to anorexia and picky eating. You can change the dog food for the dog in a certain period of time, which may improve appetite of the dog, but please do not replace it frequently.

♦️Loss of Appetite Caused by Illness, estrus and other factors

A dog's illness will affect its appetite and become picky eaters. We need to take the dog to the doctor in time and follow the medical advice for treatment. When the dog is in heat, the hormone secretion increases, which will lead to a decrease in its appetite. This is a normal phenomenon, do not worry too much, we need to pay attention to the dog's hygiene.


Tips to Ease the Dog's Picky Eating

✨Check your Dog's Body

If the dog is picky and anorexic for several days in a row, it is recommended to check whether the dog is sick or injured first. If it is a physical reason, we need to take the dog to the pet hospital in time.

✨Hunger Method

Dogs do not eat dog food, then we can let it starve for 1-2 days to ensure adequate water supply. If the dog is pampered and wants to eat other food, we must not be soft-heart.

✨Increase the Usual Amount of Exercise

We can add the appropriate amount of exercise for the dog, the more exercise the more energy consumed, the dog will naturally think about eating more when it is tired.

✨Reduce Feeding Snacks

Dogs usually picky eaters should be a big reason why we are too spoiled dog, usually feed too many snacks, so that the dog to form a bad habit. Snacks are meant to be a reward, not a meal. It is recommended that you feed your dog food at regular intervals every day, and each meal should be 7-8 minutes full.

✨Change Dog Food

It is too easy to get tired of eating only one kind of dog food for a long time, so you can change a kind of dog food for your dog, and choose a dog food with good palatability, which will help dogs to improve its appetite, and will also make the nutrition balanced.

✨Feeding Probiotics

If the dog usually eat too much or a little loss of appetite, we can properly feed the dog some probiotics to help digestion, improve gastrointestinal function, but also enhance the dog's appetite.


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