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Snake-shaped S925 Silver Earrings

Snake-shaped S925 Silver Earrings

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⛎【S925 Silver Material】Made of S925 silver, these safe materials are hypoallergenic and anti-oxidant, with no harm to health.

⛎【Cute Style】The snake-shaped design, and new and smart style, add a sense of playfulness and mystery to you.

⛎【Unique Design】The unique design highlights the clean and elegant temperament.

⛎【 Durability】Durable material, not easy to corrode.

⛎【Suitable for】It is suitable for casual daily style collocation, and also suitable for occasions such as dating. As an exquisite gift, give it to your important people, colors are optional.

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Product Description

The snake-shaped earrings are a popular accessory for cute girls, it is a fun way to express your love for our life while adding a touch of whimsy to your outfit.

1. S925 silver material to hypoallergenic.
2. The snake-shaped design, and new style, add a sense of playfulness to you.
3. The unique design highlights the clean and elegant temperament.
4. Durable material, not easy to corrode.

Care Instructions:

① Please avoid direct contact with jewelry such as perfume, washing powder, shower gel, etc., to avoid rapid oxidation, so it is best to remove it when taking a bath.
② When not worn for a long time, it can be packed in a sealed bag or jewelry box.
③ Earrings should be stored separately and should not be mixed with other jewelry or hard objects, so as not to be damaged by friction with each other.
④ The jewelry with pearls should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent direct sunlight.


- Material: S925 silver
- Color: Gold /Silver /Rose gold
- Size: 11.4mm*5.5mm /0.44"*0.21"
- Style: Snake-shaped
- Packaging: Sealed bag or Gift box