4 Reasons Why do More and More People Like to Keep Cats?

According to statistics, the number of cat owners continues to rise every year, so why do more and more people like to keep cats? I think there are several reasons.
✅Cats are cheaper to keep than dogs
Maybe many people will struggle to keep a cat or a dog before getting a pet. For people who like pets, cats and dogs are different, they may have some considerations before keeping pets. In terms of feeding costs, compared to keeping dogs, the cost of keeping cats will be lower. Because cats are much smaller than dogs, they need more food. In the long run, it will be a big expense, and cats have a small appetite, so buying a pack of cat food can last for a long time.
💥Cats heal people's emotions
Some people work outside for a long time and often live alone. When they are free, they will feel empty and lonely. So, holding a cute cat in a hug can drive away some bad emotions in the heart and heal certain emotions.
💟Cats have an independent personality
Cats like cleanliness and have independent personalities, which makes people feel more at ease, so I think cats are not demand-oriented pets. As long as you prepare enough cat food and water for them, and build a house and toy rack for them, they can entertain themselves. That can reach a double-layer effect. Although cats are very worry-free, we still have to control the food, which is also for the health of cats.
❣️Cat takes up little space
Cats are generally small in size and take up little space. As long as the cat’s crib is built, you can have your beloved pet cat without the limitation of space. This is one of the reasons why more and more people like to keep cats. In addition, dogs need to go out for a walk, but cats do not need to. For some busy office workers, keeping a cat is an easy task.
In addition to the above reasons, many cat owners may also value cats' hunting skills, which can drive away mice and cockroaches. When the cat helps, we can reward the cat with some freeze-dried treats, which can promote the relationship between the cat and the owner.
In a word, more and more people like to keep cats, which can enrich their lives and heal them, this is a beautiful thing.
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