How to care for the pet's paws?

      1. Cut the pet's nails

Trim pet nails regularly. Because the nails are too long, it will affect the dog's walking and may hurt the pet's paws and even joints.

2. Shaved the pet's feet

Excessive foot hair will affect the heat dissipation of the pet's paws, and it will also make the pet slip when it runs. In addition, too long foot hair is a good place for bacteria to grow, which can easily make dogs suffer from interdactylitis.

3. Wash the pet's feet

When you come back from outside, you should clean the pet's paws to prevent the pet from eating dirty things while licking the paws. You can use the iGouer feet cleaner foam, which can clean and protect paws at the same time.

4. Use paw balm

After washing the pet's feet, you can apply a paw cream to prevent the pet's paws from drying out and cracking. The iGouer paw balm is a good helper for pet sole care.

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