5 Meanings of Dogs Raising Their Legs to Pee

When we get along with dogs, we will find that dogs will solve their physiological needs - urination, and they will perform different actions. Puppies, regardless of gender, squat down when urinating. When they are 5 or 6 months old, male dogs will lift their legs to urinate. This action of lifting the legs to urinate is a spontaneous behavior of male dogs after reaching a certain age and generally does not need to be learned. So, do you know the meaning of this action?
It is generally believed that the behavior of dogs lifting their legs to urinate has the following 5 meanings: ⩥⩥⩥
✨Characteristics of male dogs ↪
Most of the dogs that raise their legs to pee are male dogs, which shows that they are the characteristics of male dogs, just like human beings have different actions to solve physiological needs due to different genders.
💥Territorial awareness ↪
Dogs have a certain sense of occupying territory. They usually occupy the territory through their own smell, and the urine is their usual means of marking the territory. Leaving their own smell means that this place is theirs. In order to be able to occupy the bigger place, the farther they spread their urine. Sometimes the territory occupied by the dog is too large, it will discharge the amount of urine in batches, and even when it is unable to urinate, it will habitually urinate.
💕Attract a spouse ↪
It is a physiological reaction of sexual maturity for male dogs to raise their legs to urinate. Male dogs instinctively want to attract more female dogs' attention through urine. During estrus, both male and female dogs will raise their legs to pee. Somewhere, dogs of the opposite sex can discern information by the smell of their pee. The lifting of the bitch's leg is also different from that of the male dog. The bitch usually lifts one hind leg and moves it under the body instead of straightening to the side, so the bitch's urine will still fall on the ground. The reasons for female dogs to lift their legs to urinate may be territorial awareness, imitation of male dogs, attraction of male dogs, and cleanliness, which are normal behaviors.
♦️ Sustaining odor signals ↪
In order to maintain its own odor signal as much as possible, the dog lifts its legs to urinate, and at the same time enhances the duration of the odor. The odor signal is easily polluted when placed on the ground, and it can be preserved for a longer time in a vertical position.
✅ Keep it clean ↪
Dogs lift their legs to urinate, to avoid getting wet with urine, and to ensure their cleanliness.
In addition, not all male dogs will raise their legs to urinate, because their personalities are different and their behaviors are also different.
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