4 Reasons Why Do Dogs Follow You into the Toilet?

Have you ever been in a situation like this when you have a cute puppy? The dog will wait at the door when you go to the toilet, or it may want to go into the toilet to accompany you. For this, we believe that they may have the following 4 reasons.

💢 Curiosity ⫸
Dogs are very curious about everything. When the owner is doing something, they will have a strong interest, so they will also want to explore with the owner.

💥 Separation Anxiety ⫸
Dogs are prone to separation anxiety and will be extremely dependent and clinging to their owners. At this time, we must pay more attention to the mental health of dogs.

🔆 Responsibility to Protect the Owner ⫸

Because of the doting of the owner, the dog will be more powerful, thinking that the status of the family is getting higher and higher, and being responsible for the safety of the family at all times. In addition, dogs think that when we go to the toilet, we are exposing our weaknesses, so they want to protect us and ensure our safety.

💫 Divide Food ⫸
Some dogs are very greedy and will run over to see what's going on when they hear something. What's more, when we closed the door and entered the toilet, it would think that we were eating, so it followed us to see if we could have a chance to share the food.

However, each dog's personality and behavior habits can be different, so some choices will be different.

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