Why do Metropolitan Youth Like to Keep Pets?

In your surroundings, have you found that photos of cute kittens or puppies have occupied your circle of friends? Even a serious colleague would laugh loudly because of a cute pet, probably the happiness brought by the pet, he temporarily forgot his troubles.
Because of this, more and more young people start to keep pets in big cities. After having pets, their identities will switch at any time. They are professional elites in the company, and they are the most simple breeders when they return home. Such a switch of identities can make their lives more and more exciting. According to relevant data, from 2010 to 2020, the number of pets in China increased from 59 million to 189 million, of which the number of urban pets exceeded 100 million.
Psychologist Erik H Erikson believes that in the youth of 20-40 years old, the main task of human psychological development is to obtain intimacy and avoid loneliness. Young people who are struggling in big cities yearn for love in their hearts, but sometimes they face various difficulties in reality, so keeping pets has become an alternative choice for many young people to gain intimacy. There is experimental data showing that interacting with pets can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This has largely relieved the work pressure of contemporary young people and improved their quality of life.
Do some people wonder if young people who are struggling can keep pets well? There is no contradiction in the occurrence of this phenomenon. With companionship, one needs to work hard to improve material conditions, and the fatigue caused by work requires companionship to relieve mental stress. Therefore, when young people get sufficient companionship from their pets and feel a sense of intimacy, they will become emotionally dependent on their pets and look forward to the continuation of this relationship. Spending money on pets is a natural behavioral expression of this emotion. The process of consuming pet products also subtly enhances young people's sense of belonging in the "pet circle". And it may take a certain amount of money to raise a pet better, which encourages young people to work harder to improve their material level.
According to data, if you enter "why to keep a pet" in the search bar, the word "Healing" appears very frequently in the search results. In a bustling big city, groups of young people are under various pressures from entering higher education, employment, workplace, housing loan, etc. They need a window to express their mental stress and release their pressure, so pets are sometimes a better choice.
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