When Dogs Vomit, What We Should Help?

We all hope that our dog can grow up healthy and happy all the time. However, sometimes they inevitably get sick or unwell. However, vomiting in dogs is a common occurrence when they are unwell. Let's find out why dogs vomit!

  • White Foam ✨

Dogs vomit white foam, which may be caused by indigestion of food, parasites, bacteria, virus infection in the body, etc.


First fast for 4-6 hours, observe whether the dog continues to vomit and its mental state. If you continue to vomit or feel poor during fasting, seek medical attention promptly.

  • Yellow Liquid 

Dog vomiting yellow water may be caused by long-term hunger, excessive stomach acid, or it may be a manifestation of gastroenteritis.


We should help dogs develop good and regular eating habits. If the pre-digestive tract inflammation is caused by long-term irregular diet, it is necessary to adjust the feeding habits and feeding amount, and add a little anti-inflammatory drug or probiotics to help the dog's gastrointestinal absorption and digestion.

  • Undigested Food 

It is usually caused by the dog eating too much or eating too fast.

Processing method:

First use regular quantitative feeding, and help them develop regular eating habits. If it is caused by swallowing foreign objects, we should take the dog to the hospital for examination immediately.

  • Foam with Green 

Green water in dog vomit is usually bile. If the vomiting is caused by eating grass, the vomit will contain undigested grass.


Fast and observe first, and feed normally if there is no more vomiting symptoms. If the dog’s gallbladder function is abnormal, bile reflux may occur, resulting in vomiting of green water. We should take the dog to see a doctor in time.

  • Foam with Insect 

If there are a large number of parasites in the dog's body, causing the adult worms to drill into the anterior digestive tract, it will also cause vomiting.


Go to the hospital for a fecal examination first, and take the dog to deworming regularly.

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