Precautions for dog bathing:

  • Dogs do not need to be bathed every day. Adult dogs can be washed 1-2 times a week, and puppies are recommended to be washed once every half a month. Frequent bathing may destroy the protective oil on the dog's skin, reduce immunity, and cause skin diseases.

  • When dogs take a bath, please use their special pet shampoo.

  • The water temperature for bathing is generally around 35°to 37°. If the water temperature is too high, it will hurt the skin, and if the water temperature is too low, the dogwill get sick.

  • After the dog is washed, first dry the body with a bath towel and keep warm, and then use a dog-specific hair dryer to dry the hair, be sure to dry it thoroughly. Otherwise, it will be prone to skin diseases in the long run.

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