If the dog loses hair, what we should do?

We all know that dogs will have hair loss periods in a year, so what should we do about the hair loss of dogs?

✅ Reasons for dog hair loss: ⨠⨠

↪ 1. Seasonal hair removal. There are many reasons for dog hair loss, among which seasonal hair loss is the most common. Most dogs have hair loss in spring and autumn. The amount of hair needed in summer does not need to be so much, so when the weather warms up, some old hair will be removed to regulate body temperature. In winter, they will shed their rough hair and replace their fluff to survive the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. During this period of time, we comb the dog more every day and clean up the dander.
↪ 2. Pathological hair loss. Dogs that are suffering from diseases such as folliculitis or having a lot of dog lice and fleas can cause a lot of hair loss. Dogs scratch their fur with their paws and teeth because of itching, and they also shed a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find out the cause first.
↪ 3. Wrong use of human shower gel. Using shower gel for humans to bathe dogs, causes dry skin and itching in dogs, allowing mites, bacteria, and fungi to take advantage of them, destroying fur tissue and causing hair loss. Also, it is a high incidence of skin diseases, so skin diseases are an important factor in hair removal.
↪ 4. Dog hair loss is also related to diet. A single feed of dog food and a long-term lack of vitamins and minerals in dogs can lead to malnutrition, which will cause hair loss in dogs. In addition, if the fresh food contains too many seasonings, such as salt, oil, etc., the dog's skin and hair will be dry and the color will become dark, and it will also aggravate the dog's hair loss, so we must pay attention to the light diet.
↪ 5. Lack of proper sunlight. The natural environment such as sunlight exposure and temperature also have an impact on the growth of dog hair. If the dog is kept indoors for many years without sunlight, it will produce a lot of bacteria and cause the dog to lose hair.
↪ 6. Bathing too frequently. Summer is here, and bathing dogs can cool down and remove odors, but frequent bathing will cause dogs to shed hair. Because the normal protective substances on the dog's surface will be destroyed, it is recommended to take a bath every 10 or 15 days in summer!

✨ How to prevent hair loss in dogs? ⨠⨠

⫸ 1) We can give the dog some vitamin tablets to supplement trace elements, and we can also give the dog some seaweed powder, which can promote the dog's hair growth, fix the hair roots, and make the hair loss part grow again. Those who don't like to eat seaweed dogs with powder can mix it with yogurt and give it to them, which can increase appetite and regulate the dog's stomach.
⫸ 2) The sun and the temperature of the environment can affect the dog's hair loss. We must have the habit of walking the dog frequently and taking him out to bask in the sun. Sun exposure can stimulate pores and promote hair growth.
⫸ 3) The dog's hair needs to be combed frequently. Combing the dog's hair can promote its metabolism and reduce the frequency of hair loss. If the dog's hair is very long, it can be trimmed properly, which can also prevent the dog from shedding hair!
⫸ 4) Choosing the right bath liquid can protect the dog's fur well, reduce hair loss and prevent skin diseases.
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