How to raise a stable disposition dog?

✅Pay attention to the cultivation of socialization for dogs. Before your dog is 4 months old, please start its socialization training and get in touch with it more, or if there are other pets at home, you can also let them contact each other, so that the puppies can be well-educated. Sufficient socialization training is the most important basis for forming a dog's stable personality.
Don't rush into command training. When the puppy returns to its new home, let it get used to its new home first, and let him know that this is its future home. There is a space (cage) that belongs to him, no one will hurt him, and there will be no other things disturbing it, letting it have a process of accepting a new home is conducive to the development of a mild temper.
Build mutual trust between the owner and the dog. First of all, let your dog fully understand who is its owner. It can increase its cognition through feeding, and it needs repeated training to deepen its impression. When it is eating, please don't disturb it or take away its food suddenly. But during the process of the dog's eating, you can occasionally reach out and put in a little dried meat, and it will gradually understand that such actions will not disturb it, can help it form good eating habits, and will not over-protect food. You can caress the puppy more, touch its paws, mouth and other sensitive body parts, and if it does not overreact, you can reward it with snacks.
The host has a stable personality and a harmonious living environment. Dogs live with their owners, and many habits may be influenced by their owners. When the owner behaves calmly, the dog will have a sense of security and belonging, and the pressure will be reduced, which is conducive to the formation of a stable personality for the dog. Especially for Shiba Inu, a mild-mannered owner will make it more dependent, and also will trust and respect the owner more.
The owner can reserve pet knowledge. For a dog, the owner is the whole of its life. Therefore, the owner has the basic knowledge of raising pets and can make correct emergency responses in case of some emergencies. Properly learn some relevant knowledge about pet illness, the nutritional supplements that pets need during their growth stage, or even the physiological problems of dogs, etc. With the basic knowledge of raising pets, once a problem occurs, the owner will not panic immediately, which will reduce the pressure on the pet.
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