6 Key Signs of Stress in Dogs

The Dog's Stress Response refers to the reaction to the stimulus of the external environment, which is the dog's instinctive reaction to the unknown external environment. If the dog's stress response is relatively weak, it is beneficial to the dog, which can help the dog better adapt to the external environment. However, if the stress response is more frequent and more severe, it can be harmful to the dog. Because dogs cannot adapt to this stimulation, they may be physically or psychologically afraid, and may even cause diseases.

In general, the following 6 behaviors can trigger a dog's stress response:

✅To Hear a Loud Noise

Dogs' sense of hearing is several times that of humans, and they are particularly afraid of loud noises. The sound of thunder and firecrackers will seriously stimulate the dog and cause the dog's stress response.

✅Moving or Foster Care

If we suddenly move, or have something to go out, we need to put the dog in a pet store or other places. In an environment they are not familiar, they may not eat or drink, and lose weight suddenly, which is a kind of stress reaction for them .

✅Strangers Come to the House

 Sometimes, someone comes to the house as a guest. If the dog hides in fear, we try not to let the guest disturb them. After it feels relaxed, let it come out to smell the guest. Try not to force the dog to socialize .

✅Long Distance Journey

If we want to take the dog out for a long trip, take it by car or plane, etc., it may cause them to have stress reactions such as motion sickness, airsickness, and vomiting, and resistance will decrease.

✅Take a Bath

If the dog is afraid of taking a bath, and we bathe it forcibly, it may cause a stress response.

✅Get Scared

Playing scary or some prank games with dogs may easily frighten dogs, causing psychological and physical discomfort.

For the physical and mental health of our dogs, we should try to avoid the above situations. If it is a puppy that has just been brought home, it will be relatively unfamiliar with the surrounding environment. It is recommended to bring some familiar things that they have used before to increase the dog's sense of security. At this time, we should not be overly enthusiastic, let it gradually become familiar with the environment, and then interact with it more. In addition, the food the dog eats should be kept as consistent as possible so as not to irritate the dog's stomach.


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