6 of the Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

As dog owners, we all hope that our dogs will have a happy childhood, a worry-free middle age, and a peaceful old age so that their lives will be rich and colorful. This requires the owner to pay attention to the physical and mental health of the dog. So, what can be done to give the dog a healthy and nutritious living environment? We have suggestions below to help owners find the right way to keep their dogs healthy and happy. If you want more professional advice, you can contact a veterinarian. Professional pet doctors can get along better with dogs.
🐾Take the dog to exercise outdoors
According to research, dogs absorb too much nutrition, which will lead to obesity, and it is easy to get sick for a long time. Therefore, we should let dogs keep some exercise to keep them lively and active. The biggest advantage of keeping a dog is that we can do interesting things with the dog, such as hiking, camping, swimming, beach travel, and so on. When the weather is bad or we don't have time to take the dog out for a walk, we can create some conditions for the dog to exercise indoors. If you have a treadmill at home, you can let your dog use it for walking, which is a good choice for dogs who need a lot of exercise. You can also set up some obstacles at home to keep them active indoors.
❣️Choose a high-quality dog food
Dogs are carnivores, but they need more than just meat, they need a healthy diet. According to research by VCA Animal Hospital, dogs need 6 basic nutritional factors: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Every dog has different dietary requirements, so we can find a veterinarian or ask an experienced person.
💥Take the dogs to the doctor regularly
One of the best ways to keep our dogs healthy is to see a doctor regularly. Dogs may have some invisible diseases that we cannot predict, so take our dog to see a doctor regularly, and maybe we can check it out. This enables early detection, early treatment, and early cure. When we take our dog to the doctor for the first time, we can observe the attitude of the dog. If they don’t resist, we can fix the veterinarian to do a physical examination for the dog in the future, which can reduce the dog’s anxiety.
Treat dogs for heartworm regularly
Heartworm is caused by the bite of an infected female mosquito, which is the only way dogs can get the disease. The symptoms of this disease sometimes come on slowly, so the owner should have a simple heart and blood test when taking the dog for a physical examination every year. The best way to prevent this disease is to prescribe preventive medicines from our veterinarian. And these medicines come in different types, such as monthly chewable tablets, topical medications, and injections every 6 months. In addition, the owner must remember to give the dog deworming medicine on time every month. The disease is almost impossible to prevent without medical treatment and can be fatal if left untreated.
💢Make sure our dog is vaccinated
Know what vaccinations our dog must have (for example rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus vaccines, and so on), and make a record of our dog's vaccination time and a reminder of the vaccination time. We may forget to vaccinate the dog because we moved to a new city or changed to a new veterinarian. With such a record sheet and reminder, it will be of great help to the dog's daily inspection.
💕Make dogs feel love
We all know that love needs to be expressed mutually. An important way to keep our dogs happy and healthy is to make them feel loved, for example, by looking them in the eye more often. When a dog stares at us, it means it is expressing its love for us with its eyes. We can lean on the dog gently and let it feel our love and trust for it. Or we can praise them through language, or let the dog sleep with us in bed (if you don't mind), etc.
Therefore, providing a healthy and happy living environment for dogs is not as difficult as imagined. We need to give love in order to get love in return, may we also be healed by giving love to pets.
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