There are 6 Major Personality Types in Dogs


Dogs have gradually become inseparable partners in our lives, so having a dog that is smart, cute and loyal to its owner will be our expectation for dogs. However, the world is wonderful because of diversity, so different dog personalities can bring us different happiness and experiences. So, what are the types of dogs' personalities? Please see below.

💞Caring and cute type

Dogs with a caring and well-behaved personality are often smart and docile, warm-hearted and considerate, and full of affection. Dogs are very considerate, understand our commands, know our needs, take the initiative to help us, and even cling to us. If we have puppies with such characters, we are lucky and happy, and we can reduce our time to train them. Their caring and well-behaved will make them less hot, so we will feel more at ease.

❣️Active blood type

Active and passionate is also common dog personality, they will be very excited, and then there will be various dishonest behaviors, such as demolishing the house, rushing, chasing, etc. Therefore, we need to intervene in their behavior in the education, at the same time, when going out, we need to hold the dog's leash to prevent the dog from running wild.

💟Pleaser type

Dogs with a warm and pleasant personality are more common and are often more common in golden retrievers and Labradors. This kind of dog is generally very smart, good at observation, and naturally kind and docile, so many of them will develop a warm and pleasing personality.

💢External strength and weak inside type

Dogs with a strong outside and a dry middle are often the strongest dogs. This kind of personality is more common in huskies and Alaskan dogs. They often appear to be very strong and powerful outside, but in fact, they are weak inside. When they meet fierce opponents succumb, even surrender. However, due to their large size, other dogs or people will have certain stressful behaviors toward them. Therefore, we need to strengthen their intervention in going out.

💦Timid and introverted type

Introverted and timid dogs are also a more common personality type for dogs. Dogs with this type of personality are generally caused by inborn sensitivity or abuse in the acquired environment, so they are unwilling to communicate with strangers, and even take the initiative to keep a distance from them. When encountering such a dog, we need to give the dog love, trust, and a sense of security and slowly train the dog to adapt to the social environment.

💥Domineering jealous type

Domineering and jealous personality is more likely to appear in small dogs. Small dogs are easy to be spoiled by people, and it is easy for small dogs to develop possessiveness, bad temper, jealousy, and even like to provoke other dogs. For dogs with such personalities, we should train them in basic etiquette when going out, teach them to live in peace with other dogs, and help them correct this bad personality tendency.

In addition, the dog’s character formation may have certain talents or bloodline continuity, but a more important part is cultivated by acquired training. How we train them and what kind of character we want to cultivate dogs can all be through our intervention. We need patience, but also to find a suitable method for training dogs, so let us do it!
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