Hair care advice for long-haired dogs

The hair of long-haired dogs, such as Yorkshire, Shih Tzu, Marcus, etc., is sometimes a headache for the owner, so here are some tips, please see below.


Normal 2 washes and 1 care + 2 spas once a week

Use a shampoo suitable for long-haired dogs to clarify their hair. After washing, you can use a hair conditioner to soak in the basin or do a spa. It can also be soaked and washed, and a little hair care essential oil can be added when washing. After washing, blow dry with warm heat and comb while blowing with the handle comb.


Daily combing of long-haired dogs + electrostatic spray

Dogs with long hair need to be groomed almost every day, and some even need to be covered. If the hair is not combed every day, it is easy to knot and cause breakage, and it is especially easy to generate static electricity when combing, so it should be used with an electrostatic spray. If there is a knotted situation, use some protein repair liquid or knot-opening spray to comb the hair.

Comb essentials: handle comb, row comb, needle comb

Spray essentials: electrostatic spray, protein repair solution, knot-opening spray

Necessary collars: very small collars (it is not recommended to use rubber bands for children to tie their hair)


In addition to daily care, some daily health care products are essential. Health products are daily supplements other than dry food. Some people may think the dog's hairs are natural, but we believe that food supplement is the most important thing besides the condition of naturally beautiful hair. For example, fish oil, egg yolk, high-quality meat, seaweed powder, and lecithin, but not all products are suitable for your dog, and you can also eat them together. Regular use of good products will make the hair stronger.


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