Do you Know Our Dog's Ear Canal?

The dog's ear canal is prone to accumulation of oil, dust and moisture, so we should need to pay attention to the dog's ear care.

Structurally, a dog's ear is divided into the following three parts:

1) The outer ear, the outer ear of dogs includes the auricle and the external auditory canal, which are their sound receivers. The auricle and the ear canal together form the ear, and the outer part is formed by vertical ear cartilage.

2) The middle ear, the middle ear includes the tympanic membrane, the tympanic cavity, and the auditory tube (which is connected to the nose and throat), and it can convert sound waves into mechanical vibrations. In other words, the dog's ear is responsible for the main part of conducting sound.

3) The inner ear, the inner ear is composed of hearing and balance organs. On the one hand, it can convert mechanical vibrations into electrical impulses that can be recognized by the central system of the brain, and act as a "translator" between sound and the brain. On the other hand, its balance organ can also allow the dog's brain to better perceive space, making them stable and fast when walking and running.   


What are the common ear diseases in dogs?

<1> Inflammation of the ear canal, which is the most common ear disease in dogs. In daily life, dogs are prone to ear canal inflammation when playing, and ear canal fluid, bacterial infection and other reasons can cause this disease.

<2> Ear mites, ear mites are a parasite and one of the most contagious ear canal diseases.After the disease, the dog's ears are usually very itchy, and the dirt in the ear canal is black and sticky, which seriously affects the dog's health.

<3> Foreign matter enters the ear canal. There are many bugs outdoors in spring and summer. When dogs are playing, bugs may crawl into the ear canal. In addition, when we use cotton swabs to clean the dog's ears, ordinary cotton swabs are easy to break inside.  

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