Diagnosis and treatment of interdactylitis in dogs and cats!

With the increase in the number of pets, interdactylitis has become a skin disease that often plagues pet owners. Interdactylitis of dogs and cats, also known as interdigital pyoderma, is skin inflammation that occurs between the toes, single toe, or multiple toes, usually in the middle of the toe, or on the sole of the foot any part.

  • Symptom


Usually, a small bag grows on the tip of the dog's toes or the sole of the foot. It may be just a little red at first, but it will become bigger and bigger later, and may even burst open and ooze pus or blood inside. If it lasts for a long time Delay or lack of timely treatment, plus dogs and cats like to lick the affected area, the wound infection will worsen, and in severe cases, it will lead to sepsis. Some dogs and cats will lame due to wound pain, and if they are treated by a veterinarian in time, they will usually recover.

  • Etiology

Normal skin has a certain resistance to the outside world, but when special conditions such as moisture and skin damage occur, the skin's immunity decreases, and it will cause inflammation after being infected by external microorganisms.

  1. Humid environment

Special environments, such as special areas such as basements, where the hair on the soles of pet feet is messy and damp, etc.

  1. Minor wounds
  2. Parasites
  3. Shampoo stimulation
  4. Immune diseases, such as allergies, etc.
  5. Long-term caged, toes stuck in the iron cage diagnosis

The most important thing is to pass microscopic examination, which needs to be diagnosed differently from allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, eosinophilic granulomas, and tumors.

  • Treat
  1. Actively treat the primary cause.
  2. Oral or injectable antibiotics for pyoderma infections. In case of recurrence, drug susceptibility testing is recommended.
  • Prevention

To prevent interdactylitis, first of all, the dog’s living environment should not be too humid, and the dog’s hair needs to be trimmed frequently, and the dog’s hair should not be too messy. Don't cage for too long. The most important thing is to check the skin of dogs and cats regularly to see if there is any abnormality.


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