7 Main Reasons Why Dogs Tremble

1️⃣First, the temperature is too low
When the temperature is too low, dogs can easily shiver from the cold, especially in the winter outdoors. Therefore, we need to prepare warm clothes for dogs before taking them out. When we are indoors, we also need to take measures to keep warm. We can put blankets or other warm clothes in the kennel to make the dog warmer and more comfortable.

2️⃣Second, feel fear and nervous
Dogs may tremble when they encounter something they are afraid of, such as taking them to the doctor, giving them a bath, or the sound of thunder outside on a rainy day. These are their emotional expressions.

3️⃣Third, lack of calcium
The normal activity of dog muscles is inseparable from calcium. If the dog is not shaking because of cold or fear, then they are probably symptoms of muscle twitching, trembling and weakness caused by calcium deficiency in the body. Therefore, we should replenish calcium to dogs in time in our daily life and eat some foods high in calcium.

4️⃣Fourth, diseases
If our dog is shaking, there may be something wrong with their health. For example, epilepsy, tumors, injuries, canine distemper, etc., can make dogs feel pain and tremble.

5️⃣Fifth, being too excited
When dogs are overly excited, they may also tremble with joy, bark, and drool. For example, it may be caused by seeing their owners coming back from work or being overly excited after strenuous exercise.

6️⃣Sixth, motion sickness
Motion sickness is medically known as motion sickness, and some dogs may also suffer from motion sickness. When they suffer from motion sickness, they will experience nausea, vomiting, and trembling.

7️⃣Seventh, entering old age
If our dogs are older, their legs will begin to shake when they stand up from a sitting or lying position. This is normal and is a sign of senile tremor.

No matter what causes dogs to tremble, we should find out the cause in time and give them love and warmth.
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