5 Tips to Get Rid of Our Dog's Body Odor

We all know that summer is the season when bacteria are easy to breed, so dogs with a lot of hair will easily emit some smell. Now, let's share how to get rid of dog body odor.

↪ 1. Use pet shampoo with antibacterial and deodorizing properties ✨

The body odor of dogs mainly comes from the skin, coat, ear canal, mouth and anal glands, so you can usually use pet shampoo with antibacterial and deodorizing properties to clean the dog’s hair and skin. It is generally recommended to wash it every 1-2 weeks, and be sure to dry the dog's hair to prevent the dog from getting skin diseases.

↪ 2. Regularly clean the dog's mou🎗️

If we don’t clean the dog’s mouth for a long time, once there is food stuck between the teeth, we can only wait for it to rot naturally, resulting in bad breath. In the long run, it is easy to cause periodontal disease or tooth decay. Brushing your dog's teeth, or using dog-specific mouthwash or toothpaste can prevent this from happening.

↪ 3. Clean the dog's ear canal regularly ✅

The ears are the most likely organ for dogs to hide dirt. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they are prone to ear mites and cause unpleasant odors. Therefore, we need to wash the ears of dogs regularly, which can effectively avoid the generation of ear mites and reduce peculiar smells. If necessary, you can buy special ear-washing water for dogs.

↪ 4. Regularly clean the paws of the dog 💥

The paws are the main outlet for sweating and heat dissipation of dogs. If the hair on the soles of dogs is too long, sweat and dust will easily accumulate, which will not only aggravate body odor but also breed fungus and cause inter-dactylitis. So we need to clean the dog's paws regularly and keep the dog's paws dry.

↪ 5. Squeeze the dog's anal glands regularly 💢

If the dog's anal glands are not cleaned for a long time, the anal gland fluid will accumulate in the gallbladder. As time goes by, the color of the dog's anal glands will gradually become darker and blacker, and then emit an unpleasant stench. It is generally recommended to squeeze 1-2 times a month to avoid the smell caused by anal gland fluid. If we don’t know how it is recommended to learn first to avoid the dog’s stress response. You can also take the dog to a grooming shop and let a professional help the dog squeeze the anal glands.

😎 Dogs with heavy body odor In addition to the above 5 tips, we must also pay attention to internal conditioning, give dogs a light diet, and long-term persistence will have obvious improvement.

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