5 Reasons for a Dog to Bite Its Own Tail

When the dog is at home, we will see the dog spinning around and biting its tail. What's wrong with our dog? Generally speaking, there are the following 5 reasons.

1️⃣. Dog’s self-entertainment🔴
If a dog is often kept in a cage and does not go out to interact with its kind, then the dog's life will be too simple and it will feel dull and boring. Therefore, we should take our dogs out to play more often to prevent them from treating tail chasing as a game.

2️⃣. Parasites✨
When a dog often plays on the lawn, some fleas may appear on the dog's body, so there may be fleas hiding in the dog's tail. Fleas may hide around your dog's tail and buttocks, making them uncomfortable. Or, some intestinal worms will move near the dog’s butt. When the dog feels unbearable itching in the tail, it will also cause the dog to behave in circles and bite its tail. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether there are bugs on the dog in time, and at the same time, we should help the dog do a good job of deworming.

3️⃣. Anal glands💥
If the dog’s butt suffers from anal glands, we can check whether the dog likes to rub its butt against the floor. Because the buttocks are easily inflamed and easily clogged, dogs will solve the problem by chasing their tails and will behave like circling.

4️⃣. Hormone imbalance🩸
A dog's body hormone imbalance is an extremely rare condition, but it also requires our vigilance, especially for artificially improved dog breeds such as French Bulldogs and British Bulldogs.

5️⃣. Dog owner's misleads🔶
When a dog chases its tail, people who see it will find it funny. Once this behavior occurs too often, some dogs will think that the owner’s laughter is encouraging this behavior. This is because we have not guided the dog’s behavior appropriately.

☪️So how do we correct this behavior in dogs❓

If we rule out the cause of the dog's physical discomfort, we can ignore this behavior. In addition, we should pay attention to the hygiene of the dog's living environment, regularly check the dog's tail and anal area for parasites or skin diseases, and provide the dog with some appropriate training and rewards to encourage the dog's correct behavior. Also, providing enough exercise and stimulation to help our dog burn off excess energy.
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