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Dog Nail File

Dog Nail File

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🔶【Purpose】 Dog nail files are grooming tools that are specially designed to maintain the length and shape of your dog's nails. They smooth out rough edges and reduce the risk of pain from cracked or torn nails.

🔶【Material】 The dog nail file is made of polyester material, long-lasting and durable. The coarse sand surface makes it easier to grind your dog's nails.

🔶【Design】 The dog nail file has a cylindrical design with a widened and highly elastic band, which can be firmly fixed on the palm of the hand, making it more convenient for dogs to grind their nails.

🔶【Safety】 Dog nail files are generally safer than scissors, but care must still be taken to avoid over-filing or causing discomfort to your dog. Regularly checking our dog's nails and filing them at a time can prevent accidental injuries. 

🔶【Usage Instructions】 When using a dog nail file, gently rub it against our dog's nails, focusing on the tips and edges of the nails. Please note that it is best to rub our dog's nails in one direction to avoid cracking or damage to the nails.

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Product Description

A dog nail file is a tool that is specially designed to trim and sharpen a dog's claws, and it is designed for dogs who are afraid of trimming their nails. It provides a gentle and effective way to maintain the dog's nails.

1. Lightweight to use: The dog nail file adopts a lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use.

2. Coarse sand surface: The thick sand surface of the dog nail file can gently grind the tips of the dog's paws, making it easier to grind the dog's nails.

3. Safety design: Dog nail files are usually safer than scissors to avoid accidentally injuring your dog's paws or causing discomfort.

4. Long-lasting: High-quality dog nail files are usually made of durable and long-lasting materials.

5. Widened and highly elastic elastic band design: The elastic band can be firmly fixed on the palm of our hand, making it more convenient for dogs to grind their nails.


- Material: Eva/ Polyester
- Size: 15*9cm /5.9*3.54"
- Weight: 46g
- color: gray
- Purpose: Rubbing dog’s nails