Why does my Dog like Planning the Floor?

In daily life, when we get along with dogs, we can always see the behavior of "Planning the Floor" in dogs, so what does this action generally mean for dogs?

Please see the following points: ⫸⫸⫸

<1> The Nature of Hunting✨

Because the dog's sense of hearing and smell are very sensitive, if there is something under the floor, the dog will feel excited, so they will plan on the floor, and even bark, which is the hunting nature of dogs.

<2>  Want to Hide Food ☀️

Dogs are naturally fond of digging holes. During their survival in the wild, dogs will hide their prey in dug holes. We give treats, they sometimes dig into the ground suddenly, this is the habit of dogs trying to hide food.

<3> Worn Claws✅

As puppies, they especially like to dig the floor because of the discomfort caused by the growth of paws. When they grow up, dogs will occasionally dig the floor, which is also because they are wearing down their claws to make them sharper. So, when the dog shows the action of pawing the floor, it may remind us that it is time to trim their nails. When the dog wants to go out to play or go to the toilet, in order to express his anxiety to the owner, it will also convey this idea by scratching the floor.

<4> Dogs are Boring 🔆

When the dog is bored at home, or when the exercise intensity is not saturated, the dog will show the behavior of scratching the floor to consume energy. Some dogs will also chew on wall dust, bite shoes, and rummage through trash cans.

<5>  To Smell the Smell 💢

If the dog smells a special smell on the ground, it will keep digging, especially on the soil ground. In this case, the dog's idea is mainly out of curiosity and wants to dig in the ground to find out the source of the smell. Sometimes dogs will dig the ground after excreting, the purpose is to cover up the smell of their own poop.

<6> Find a Comfortable Sleeping Position❣️

Dogs sometimes like planers, sofas or kennels, and they will turn around a few times after planning. In this case, the purpose of the dog is to plan these places more flat and comfortable, and then choose a comfortable sleeping position to sleep.

<7> Appear to Stress and Anxiety 💥

When the dog feels stressed or anxious, it may dig the floor. We can relieve anxiety by being with the dog, or by giving the dog's usual treats.

In our opinion, being familiar with some habits of dogs is more conducive to our understanding of our dogs, and it is also more conducive to our peaceful coexistence with dogs.

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