What change will dogs 🐶ownership have on people?

With the improvement of modern living standards, people's material standards have also improved. However, it also leads to too fast pace of life will increase our stress, but also make us often in a high level of mental tension. In addition, the number of singles has also increased, which can also increase the loneliness of the work. Therefore, the companionship of pets can well help us to alleviate these conflicts and can bring us happiness at the right time. So, what does having a pet dog bring us?

✅Relieve the owner's stress

In 1980, a study showed that: playing with dogs, petting dogs, can reduce people's blood pressure and heart rate, and can almost make the muscles relax. Owners usually interact with their dogs and stroke them more often, not only to relieve stress and relax themselves, but also to improve the familiarity between dogs and their owners.

Good for people's heart

A study found that once a year after a heart patient was discharged from the hospital, it was found that patients who had pets had a higher survival rate than those who did not have pets. In fact, from the first benefit we can see that having a pet can relieve stress and is good for the heart.

Make the host's social interaction closer

Pets can serve as a communication link between dog owners, because when you have a dog, you will always encounter someone who likes your dog or walks it with you when you take it out of the house. By stopping and talking for a while, you have virtually made many friends and increased the distance between people. Therefore, people who have a strong attachment to pets will be more closely connected in interpersonal relationships.

 Dogs will increase the owner's charm

Some studies show that 60% of people think that having a dog can make people look more attractive, while 85% of people think that people look more approachable when they are with a dog. So, singles with the right breed of dog and the science of dog ownership will make you more attractive!

Reduce the risk of depression

The rapid development of modern society is bound to make people anxious, so people may be lonely inside due to various stresses and worries, and therefore may develop depression. Therefore, having a dog can silently accompany you and channel your emotions, and is our loyal friend.

Growing up with children

With the development of society, dogs have become important family members. The companionship of a pet will enhance your child's self-confidence and also develop a sense of responsibility, etc. In addition, with the company of dogs, children will be less dependent on electronic products, making their childhood healthier and more interesting.

Able to keep exercise

After having a dog, for the sake of the dog's health, we need to go walking the dog, which can also also keep the owner in good walking exercise and also help the owner to form good habits. A study shows that the average dog owner walks 300 minutes a week, while the average non-pet owner walks 168 minutes a week, which can invariably keep the owner in motion every day, and will be better for health.

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