The Pros & Cons of Keeping a Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a small, alert, agile dog that handles mountains and hiking well, and was originally bred for hunting. Its name, Shiba Inu literally translates to "brushwood dog" as it was used to scour prey. Dogs are actually the same as people. Everyone needs an opportunity to meet each other and pay attention to fate, so I like Shiba Inu. In my opinion, Shiba Inu has the following advantages and disadvantages.
💕Almost no body odor. Compared with other types of dogs, Shiba Inu has almost no body odor. There may be a little "sweaty smell" in the 4 palms, and there is almost no smell in other places. But this is not an absolute statement. Shiba Inu also needs to take a bath periodically.
💕Shiba Inu likes to be clean.  Shiba Inu prefers to take care of itself when it is free. It will lick itself with its paws, such as wiping its head, and it will not be satisfied until the whole body is clean. In addition, the hair of Shiba Inu is short, and the hair is seldom dirty when going out. It is enough to wash the feet after returning home. During the hair removal period of the Shiba Inu, it is generally sufficient to comb and groom. You can also go to the pet store if you want.
💕Independent. Shiba Inu is a dog breed with its own personality. Sometimes they like to be alone, which is an advantage for busy owners.
💕Rarely barks. Due to the personality of the Shiba Inu, except for barking when the owner comes home or when he is particularly happy, he is not very good at barking at ordinary times and basically does not bark when he is away from home. But if they encounter something that makes them excited, such as the provocative behavior of some other dogs, they may bark.
💕Get a healthier lifestyle. No matter what kind of dog we keep, it may allow us to develop better living habits, reduce some diseases, such as heart disease, and even prevent Alzheimer's disease. Because Shiba Inu has a stubborn personality, we may need to fight wits and courage with them. This requires the owner to have excellent patience, perseverance, tolerance, and physical strength, which is conducive to preventing the occurrence of some diseases.
💥Although Shiba Inu likes to be clean, it is also prone to skin diseases. Slightly humid locations are prone to hair loss and rashes. And during the hair removal period, their hair loss is very serious, even if you comb the hair every day has no effect, and other nutrients need to be supplemented.
💥Shiba Inu has a stubborn personality. Although it is smart, it has poor obedience and is sometimes unwilling to obey orders. Therefore, the owner needs to spend some energy and patience to educate and train them. Good habits need to be developed for a long time when they are young.
💥Because Shiba Inu is relatively independent, curious, and likes to explore, it may gallop out if not tied to a rope, and the more the owner chases them, the faster they run.
💥Because Shiba Inu has a strong personality and strong self-esteem. It will not do what it considers embarrassing in front of outsiders. And they like to perform to win the owner's attention and reduce their punishment. In addition, their aggressiveness is not weak, and their vigilance is extremely high. Not interested in strangers, will attack when approached. They may likely fight with other dogs that provoke them.
These are my views on Shiba Inu. Of course, different people have different views on Shiba Inu, just like there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers. So, what does the Shiba Inu look like in your eyes?
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