Pet Tips

Q: Why use a Pet-specific Shampoo?

A: The PH value of pet's skin is different from human. Using normal shower gel may be easily cause skin diseases to pets.

Q: Why do you want to choose the shampoo for your pet?

A: iGouer pet shampoo is for each variety of different hair and skin characteristics, intimate custom efficacy.

Q: How old can a dog take a shower?

A: We suggest half-year-old after washing, because before half a year old, it has poor resistance and is prone to infection and colds.

Q: Does the dogs need a blow-dry after the shower?

A: Need to be dried in time after the bath ( pay attention to the position of the armpit ). Humidity and heat in summer is the season of high incidence of pet skin diseases, so pay attention to keep the hair dry.

Q: Can pets use it when they have skin diseases?

A: It is not recommended for pets with skin diseases, it is easy to cause secondary infection.

Q: Why do pets often shed their fur?

A: Seasonal hair loss; Prolonged lack of sunlight; Lack of nutrition; Suffering from diseases such as folliculitis or eczema; Infestation with large numbers of dog lice and fleas.

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