If Dog’s Fighting with Others Outside, What We Should Do?

When we happily take our dogs out to play, we may meet dog's friends in the way. They may be able to play happily, or they may quarrel or even fight. Then, once they fight, as the owner , what should we do?

From our perspectives, we can deal with it from the following points:

〖1〗 As a dog owner, we must first keep calm. In most cases, Fights between dogs usually last for a few seconds, so we must keep calm during this time.

〖2〗 Distract them with sound intervention, we can call their names. Please note that yelling, stomping, clapping, and making other noises are not suitable for every dog, as they may cause more serious bites due to these noises.

〖3〗Use water to intervene. We can use a water pipe or even a glass of water to splash the faces of the 2 dogs. In most cases, the 2 fighting dogs will be frightened by the sudden water. This trick is very useful for fighting fierce dogs, and they will stop biting after choking on water. Or a specialized emergency spray can be used to stop them.

〖4〗 Find something that can be placed between the 2 dogs and separate them, such as cardboard, plywood, litter box lids, large wooden sticks, etc. Please note before isolating the 2 dogs, we want to make sure our hands will not be accidentally injured by 2 dogs .

〖5〗 Use blankets to block, some dogs will stop fighting when they can't see each other. Try covering a fighting dog with a large blanket, tarp, or a cover of opaque material to calm them down.

〖6〗 The easiest and most convenient way is to grab the dog's hind legs, approach the dog from behind, grab its two hind legs to quickly stop them, but this method requires two dogs to do it at the same time.

Certainly, we hope that our dogs meet dog friends to play together as friends rather than quarrel or fight. So how do we avoid dog fights?

💥We usually educate and train dogs from the following 5 aspects:

1) Observe our dog's attitude towards other dog friends. If our dog has a fierce personality, we need to use a leash to train its temper, and at the same time, we need to observe its movements during play.

2) We need to actively learn the dog's body language and understand the dog's personality, so that we can quickly clear what the dog wants to do.

3) Educating dogs requires civilized play. If our dog bites, growls, or exhibits other violent behavior, we need to quickly separate it from its playmates and leave it alone until it calms down.

4) Do not encourage competitive behavior in dogs. Once dogs become possessive of food and toys, we need to feed them separately.

5) Improve the dog's obedience. This requires us to start training it to "come" and "stop" when it is a child, and to practice it frequently, especially when there are other dogs around. Incorporate treat rewards when training our dog.

Owning a dog is our love for life, and at the same time, it can add more fun to our monotonous life. Then, a lively, docile and obedient dog needs to be educated with love, patience and responsibility. Therefore, we should all understand and train our dog from different aspects.

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