How Much does a Dog Sleep in a Day?

As dog owners, we all hope to have healthy and lively puppies that will accompany each other and integrate into each other lives during the process of getting along. A very important factor for a dog to ensure its health is to have enough sleep. So, how long sleep time does a dog need every day?
Perhaps, we have all noticed that when we are not playing with our dog, most of the time we will see it sleeping, and there are various postures, the way they sleep is more or less healing for us.
Newborn puppies sleep for a long time and basically sleep all day. When they are born 1 month later, their sleep time is about 22 hours, and the remaining 2 hours are used for drinking milk, peeing, defecating and so on. For puppies under half a year old, the sleep time is about 10-18 hours and there will be several periods, and there will be a body twitching phenomenon during sleep, which is completely normal.
Adult dogs may sleep more than 15 hours a day, however, because dogs do not have a fixed sleep time, they may sleep all day, or sleep when they are bored. The relatively concentrated sleep time is mostly around noon, 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, and the sleep time is not uniform every day. When a dog sleeps, it is quite alert, that is to say, most of the time it is in a light sleep state, and only a small amount of time can enter a deep sleep. I think this may be the reason why it always sleeps.
When a dog really sleeps deeply, it will relax its whole body, even with its feet turned upside down, and sometimes it may talk in sleep, such as light barking and moaning, accompanied by twitching of the limbs and shaking of the head and ears. When a dog is woken up from sleep, it will be very dissatisfied with the person who woke it up, in a bad mood, and will also vent its dissatisfaction, such as barking.
When sleeping lightly, the dog is in a lying posture, with its head bent between its two front paws, and one ear is often close to the ground. When a dog is in a light sleep, it appears that the dog is sleeping, but it is easily awakened, and if there is any movement in the environment, it will immediately open its eyes, and then carefully check the source of the movement. When a dog sleeps, it also likes to hide its mouth under its two lower limbs, so that it can always be alert to the situation around it so that it can respond at any time.
For a dog, only when it is really asleep deeply can it be counted as a dog sleeping. According to scientific analysis, dogs spend more of their time in light sleep and less time in deep sleep.
Dogs have such a long sleep time because when they usually go out or play, they will have physical exertion. Dogs tend to fall asleep quickly when they are exercising too much and exerting too much energy. Unlike humans, dogs have a much more monotonous life. When they are bored, they will choose to sleep or be in a daze.
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