6 of the Healthiest Meat Supplement for Dogs

The original dog was a carnivore in the wild, just like wolves and other animals. Later when they were domesticated by humans, began to feed vegetables, carbohydrate foods, fruits and other foods, and slowly evolved to can absorb plant nutrients, and become omnivorous animals. But meat can provide to provide some of the necessary elements for the dog, common feeding meat is as follows.

Chicken Breas🍗

Chicken is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, can meet most of the dog's nutritional needs, and palatability is very good, boiled simple and convenient!


Duck meat contains a lot of protein, has low-fat content, has a low melting point of fatty acids, is conducive to digestion, and is suitable for the loss of appetite, and dry stool dog. Generally in the summertime, cooking duck meat for dogs to eat, not only can relieve the heat but also can relieve the tear stains.


Dogs can eat pork, but it is not recommended to feed fat meat to dogs. Because fat meat has too much fat, which will increase the probability of dogs suffering from pancreatitis or hyperlipidemia and will easily affect the health of dogs. Especially for middle-aged and old dogs, it is not recommended to eat fatty meat. Secondly, lean meat is low in fat, which is more suitable for dogs to eat, but they can't eat too much of it.


Beef contains high protein, low-fat food, and can give dogs to supplement a variety of nutrients. Dogs will not get fat if they eat more, but also can enhance the dog's appetite and the healthy development of bones.


Mutton has the effect of nourishing, can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and play the role of invigorating the stomach and eliminating food. Mutton is also rich in vitamins and proteins, which is beneficial to the health of dogs.


Mainly salmon, sardines, saury, etc. Fish meat is high-quality and high in protein, rich in unsaturated fat, and does not easy to cause obesity. They also can protect the dog's heart, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, regulate the nervous system, and protect the dog's vision, skin, and beauty hair, please note that some dogs are allergic to fish and should be fed with caution.

The above food, we'd better cook them before giving them to the dogs, and feed them in moderation. It should be noted that in the process of making homemade dog food, we need to pay attention to food hygiene and nutritional balance. According to the characteristics of the pet's age, gender, weight, etc., so as to ensure the balance of the food. Hope we all have a healthy dog!

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